It isn't just about the Galoshes anymore

Feet in wet concrete 2018

don't worry, it will be back!

Successful Concrete Galoshes Day, feet were in cement for only 4.5 hours and no re-bar.

Just a recap of the procedures for making concrete galoshes, first you must decide what type of forms that you are going to go with...paper or plastic?


Cardboard is Crazy Cousin Lances go to for an unplanned set of galosh forms, a box that has at least 1 inch of clearance around your shoe and is 12 inches deep is preferred, then the cutting and bending and taping is done to streamline your forms to accommodate a 50 pound bag of fast setting concrete,


a plastic bag liner insures that your form does not dissolve prematurely, re-bar is optional, but if you intend on keeping your concrete galoshes intact somewhat after removal, the re-bar is a must,


also I would suggest adequate padding around the ankles, some pipe insulation works well, especially if you intend on doing any sort of walking around, bags around shoes if you intend on using the shoes over again, masking or duct tape or packing tape works well. It has been found that the best success is found when you mix your own concrete for your own cement shoes,


it does not mean that you are prevented from having help shoveling it into the forms, your shoes should be entirely wrapped and your forms should be finished and placed where they will be before mixing your concrete. Remember to clean your tools before getting into the concrete!


Planning this adventure is critical if you intend on having any sort of comfort in the process, by having to sit for 5+ hours without going anywhere, it would be best to have something to drink and possibly a biker buddy if you need to pee,


it isn't unusual to be sitting for 8 hours to have a good hard set of shoes, insect repellent and lighting is also necessary as you will be wearing your cement overshoes until at least one hour after sunset, to do this solo is not easy, but is not impossible,


I would also strongly suggest that this is not done around deep water, especially if there will be any drinking of alcohol involved, and lastly, a hammer and chisel will be needed to complete this adventure, by placing them 50 or 100 ft from the shoe site can make things interesting.


The ultimate object of this adventure is an object of sacrifice, you will be sacrificing your civil liberties by the inconvenience of not being able to go anywhere, also there will be a degree of suffering by being exposed to natures elements including the possibility of rain, wind, mosquitoes and what ever else mother nature uses to test your mettle,


The ritual of voluntary bondage and possibility of pain is what will be the power behind this action.


It is imperative that you must BREAK out of these shoes and not slide out of them, moving your feet while the concrete dries to ensure you can slip the concrete galoshes off, defeats the meaning and purpose of Concrete Galoshes Day,


you must be at the mercy of the moment the whole time the cement is drying, your true sacrifice of time and convenience with the addition of suffering and pain to a small degree is what gives power to this ritual.


It is understood that this is to protect your county from the eye of a hurricane coming into it, it will not prevent torrential rains and flooding and some degree of wind from affecting your area.

Concrete Galoshes ankle protection

Pipe insulation makes for good ankle protection