5 Yards of Compost

5 Yards of Compost

Shortly I shall show all of you how to compost and make the best natural dirt that you can possibly find

     I use to get my compost from the local solid waste authority because it was free and there was lots of it, but they finally realized that they could make some money by pelletizing it and selling it,


their poor PR move forced me to take matters into my own hands by doing my own composting, it is true that it has ended up being a lot more work, but the results have been much better than I expected,


now I don't have to worry about all of the scraps of plastic bag in the compost and the unwanted seeds like from Brazilian peppers plaguing me, my compost is very simple, it consists of mostly grass clippings and pine needles,


I have a pond, so there is an addition of hyacinths since I have over an acre of land with over a hundred pine trees and a good deal of palm trees, so I find myself burning debris regularly,


I do not burn the branches and palm fronds to ash, rather I douse the fire out when it is mostly coals, then this goes into the compost heap also, there is very little wasted anymore as all vegetable scrap goes into a tub and is regularly put into a smaller composting container,