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There is nothing like the satisfaction you get when you build something from concrete.  It will last forever or longer than you. (unless you have a jack-hammer) When I’m not making forms for my concrete galoshes, I’m making forms for everything that I can think of.  

Many forms that I make are made from pressure treated wood, so they will last for years.  If I want to make many concrete things of the same type, I use hinges.


This one is a favorite of mine as there are so many combinations of designs, only limited by your imagination and tools if you need them.  Basically, I use 2 x 2’s to make little frames of different lengths,  I calculate the volume of my forms and determine what can be made from a bag of concrete, I will make the number of forms necessary, to use an entire bag of concrete.  I had designed one concrete form that was 20 inches by 10 inches, and made 3 forms that would use up an 80# bag of concrete.  That's 5 feet of 10 inch tall by 1 1/2” edging for about $3.88.  Some people will not need such a tall stone and may make them 5” high,  That's 10 foot of edging,for a fraction of the cost .  When you are filling the forms with concrete, put some decorative stones or shells on the face, to mute that concrete gray color.



This one is a little more simple as more concrete will go into each one.  It is recommended to make each Paver 3.5” thick to hold up to whatever you throw at it.  Decorative stones or shells or actually anything can go into the surface.  If you are planning to put something organic, be warned that it will not stay intact indefinitely.  Bottle caps may rust and so on.  Glass is not bad if you are careful about placement and safety factors.  Shapes can vary greatly with your tools and Ideas.  Hexagon shapes are quite popular, but require more work for the frames.  Always remember to coat the forms with some sort of release compound like vegetable oil to insure you can use your forms over and over.















Sometimes, guests will park where they feel best or they just don’t care, I prefer the triangular shaped stone as when it is painted white, it stands out and is formidable looking, keeping your guests inline.  The triangular concrete forms shall be made of plywood in a pyramid shape and lots of lube to ensure you can keep making more than one per form.  With a circular saw and a drill motor, I was able to make a few forms in no time.  3/4” plywood is sturdy enough for a parking stone as big as 60 pounds, I prefer to make mine about a 20 pound pyramid.



It makes me giggle when I think about this one, a small form , in the basic block shape of your boulder, then you tack some aluminum or even steel window screening around your form to give it some texture.  I usually smear a thin coat on the inside of the form to make it more stout, so when you put  the finish coat on the outside, the next day, It will withstand any artistic pressures you may place on it.  It is recommended that cement without gravel be used as the first inside coat.  Concrete can be used more freely on the outside of the mold.  The larger your boulder is, the more efficient it will be.  A 150 pound boulder that looks like it weighs a couple of tons, is a good ratio.




Everyone would like to have a place that dirt or sand do not make the base of, I mean a small concrete slab to put a trash can on, or a concrete slab to put your outside water softener system or hot water heater on, the list goes on.  I like to put a little Re-Bar in my slabs, because you don’t know you may want to get a horse.  Rebar can consist of some old wire fencing to protect the edges.  Forms will be 3 ½ inches thick, so 2 x 4’s will work well for your frames.  A little ground leveling and some staking of the form for support should be all you need before you pour.  A concrete delivery or a few bags worth will get you on your way.

There are so many Ideas with concrete, that you could swear there is nothing new to do.  You are probably right, but at least you can put your own spin on most projects that are on the net.  

Buying professional molds for tables and benches can be quite a profitable  business, especially if you have some style or expertise in design.  Getting some ceramic tile fragments or broken glass bottle fragments that have been tumbled to give that sea glass effect and remove the sharp spots.  I like to try to keep it simple, so I’m not cutting tile all day.  A good table can easily sell for $60 dollars and you  could not keep up with sales.  It would cost you about $20 to $25 in concrete and $10 dollars in pigment.  You would have a good table for $60 that you made $25 on, not counting the initial investment of $250 for the forms.

Now by  just adding some tile or glass fragments in some sort of artistic pattern, can increase the tables price by  over $50

Some project designs will be coming in later months.  Ideas, can never run out for concrete uses, Some projects will be harder than others and some projects will bigger tan others.  Either way, we should have some fun learning some more uses for concrete and cement and the forms and frames we will use to control them.

Decorative Concrete Block that CCL has

   Decorative Concrete Forms for CGD

For those of you that are not familiar with working with concrete or don’t know any things to make with concrete, I will have some instruction on making concrete galoshes.  A good  starting project is a simple pair of cement shoes that you  can make from cardboard boxes.  The only decorating will be some small stones, shells or bottle caps that get pressed into the wet concrete to say it’s yours.  When I say Decorative concrete forms, I mean making forms from wood with hinges, so it can be used many times.  There can be decorative inserts to make them unique year to year.  You can be assured that I have many things to do with concrete coming up, my concrete projects shall be amusing if not helpful or necessary.  CCL knows much crazy stuff to do with concrete and without concrete, new pages may form with other insights into other of CCL’s  hobbies or professions












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  5 Things to Make From  Concrete

CCL has Crazy Stuff to do with Concrete.  If you have read anything about concrete galoshes, then you know  CrazyCousinLance will not stop with some simple cement forms, but continues to push the envelope with custom     

Decorative Concrete Block surrounding his veggies or flowers.  There will be some tutorials and some videos to help make the blocks of your dreams.  Here is a photo of a Stonehenge looking bench that was made up of some cut up house slab pieces.

Concrete Forms 01 CCL