Countdown to Concrete Galoshes Day

Only 55 Days left until the September 5th Holiday of Concrete Galoshes Day is here.

Make your list, make your forms, make up your mind and grow a pair!  It is unbelievable that this Applespud character does not believe what is going on!  Cousin Steve won’t be bothered with answering such a douche.  If Mr. business would just open his or her eyes and see the concrete, all would be great.

I am sure this year will be the same as the last as Cousin Steve will have his pre-made forms ready and then will be sporting his 60 pound galoshes in the eve of September 5th

We shall also be celebrating a few birthdays also, Raquel Welch will be 72 and Rose McGowan will be 38.  Obviously they are both invited to the festivities.  Jesse James and Crazy Horse will not be attending.  We will be throwing tomahawks again this year and will attempt to get enough photos to please everyone.  The live broadcast is still up in the air, but is not altogether counted out.  As usual, Re-bar will be the norm for CCL on CGD


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