September 5th, it’s GO Time!  With Hurricane Katia bearing down on the US, Concrete Galoshes are a Must!

Crazy Cousin Lance and Cousin Steve are preparing for CGD big time!

With the near miss of Hurricane Irene on Palm Beach County, South Florida was once again spared the mess that hit the north east.  Notice how Irene suddenly turned north, the power of Concrete Galoshes Day has fought off yet another big storm.  Lets all work together throughout the US to keep all of these storms away yet another year.  CrazyCL, along with Cousin Steve mean business when it comes to Hurricanes.  Only 3 days left!

I would like to wish Raquel Welch and Rose McGowan a happy birthday ahead of the September 5th Holiday, and invite them to participate in Concrete Galoshes Day, to put on some Cement Shoes with us.  Crazy Horse,  Jesse James and Mother Teresa will not be able to make it, but will be with us in spirit.  Cousin Steve says BRING IT ON!


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  1. I have been reading comments, but none mention September 5th holiday, concrete galoshes day or even cement shoes. Will you wear concrete shoes or will you sleep with the fishes? CCL on CGD will be thinking of all of you as he encases his feet in concrete galoshes. The 5th of September comes only once in a year and cousin Steve will be very disappointed with all of you if you don’t “Bring it on”

  2. Concrete Galoshes Day was a great success! Cousin Steve nailed it with a flawless Pair of concrete galoshes. His store bought forms were perfect. CCL had his homemade forms which looked just like that…homemade. Festivities started about 3:30 for Cousin Steve and about 4:15 for Crazycl. Thanks for all of your support

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