“Concrete Galoshes Day” A September 5th Holiday


CrazyCousinLance to release a Trailer Video about “Concrete Galoshes Day”

I’m not going to wait until September 5th to release this Trailer about Concrete Galoshes Day!

The public is hounding me daily to get this done and I am not going to disappoint them any longer.  More Info at http://CrazyCL.com

Cousin Steve says to “Bring it On CCL!

Break out the forms and bring the hammer and chisel, it’s go time!  This has to happen soon or I’m not CrazyCousinLance.  This has been happening so many years now, the public has to know the truth!

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10 Responses to “Concrete Galoshes Day” A September 5th Holiday

  1. Applespud says:

    What is this concrete galoshes day? Are you warped? Who cares about this?
    Who is this Cousin Steve and why should I care?

  2. Well Mr. Spud, If that is your real name, It just so happens that this September 5th holiday called Concrete Galoshes Day is a celebration of the end of Summer, by signifying the stead fast attitude we have by encasing our feet in concrete galoshes. As for Cousin Steve, he will have to address all comments directed towards him personally.

  3. Applespud says:

    Mr. CCL ,Lately I have read a lot about this September 5th holiday called concrete galoshes day and have determined that none of this has ever happened and that there is in fact No cousin Steve, and that you are certified crazy to expect anyone to believe any of this junk. And my real name is none of your business. Applespud is the name I use on the internet, Idiot!

  4. Well, Mr or Ms Business, I am sure that Cousin Steve has better things to do than answer to you. And have you not noticed any Concrete Galoshes Day videos out there?
    3 to be exact.

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  6. CCL says:

    I liked your blog about Concrete Galoshes Day, your reasoning about the control of hurricanes is interesting. I believe about supposed supernatural things on my blog, called Ask and Ye Shall Receive.com ………Now this is how you leave a comment that will stay and get posted!

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