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Games of Skill Day

The 4th 5th day will be here on December 5th There will be fire, tomahawks and horseshoes Cousin Steve wields the Staff of Yar and smites Hurricanes The eleventh annual Games of Skill Day is slowly approaching, a ceremonial meal … Continue reading

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September 5th Holiday

Wear Cement Shoes or Sleep with the Fishes Crazycl wears Concrete Galoshes It is obvious that only robots leave any sort of comments, so far I have read only one that may stay because it mentioned something from the site … Continue reading

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Concrete Galoshes Day 2011

CCL and Cousin Steve Have CG’s on CGD CrazyCousinLance answers some comments Cement Shoes Photos on Concrete Galoshes Day OK you guys, This is supposed to be Concrete Galoshes Day!  If you are going to put your spam-bots on the … Continue reading

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