Games of Skill Day

The 4th 5th day will be here on December 5th

There will be fire, tomahawks and horseshoes

Cousin Steve wields the Staff of Yar and smites Hurricanes

The eleventh annual Games of Skill Day is slowly approaching, a ceremonial meal cooked on the circle of Galoshes shall be eminent.  CrazyCousinLance shall pig out and attempt to not toss his cookies



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September 5th Holiday

Wear Cement Shoes

or Sleep with the Fishes

Crazycl wears Concrete Galoshes

It is obvious that only robots leave any sort of comments, so far I have read only one that may stay because it mentioned something from the site (advanced bot).

I leave comments manually, and many stay because I use some of their keywords.  Concrete Galoshes Day is a good one to use, CCL or crazycl or even CrazyCousinLance would do nicely, especially if you want some link love.  Later

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Concrete Galoshes Day 2011

CCL and Cousin Steve Have CG’s on CGD

CrazyCousinLance answers some comments

Cement Shoes Photos on Concrete Galoshes Day

OK you guys, This is supposed to be Concrete Galoshes Day!  If you are going to put your spam-bots on the loose, at least mention September 5th, CGD, Hurricanes, Cement Shoes or any of the other things I have been talking about the last few months.  Out of 43 comments, I was only impressed with a handful, and the rest will have to go.  I do moderate my comments, so if you want your botox to seo crap to stay, scratch my back a little.  Thanks, CrazyCousinLance

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Concrete Galoshes Day

September 5th Holiday Success

Crazycl is pleased to announce that Cousin Steve and CCL had a successful CGD thanks to all of you

Updates will continue all year and new videos will be posted soon


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2011 Concrete Galoshes Day a Success!



Count Down to 2012 Concrete Galoshes Day

September 5th Concrete Galoshes Day was a great Success, Cousin Steve made a flawless pair of Cement Shoes using store bought forms

CrazyCousinLance made a passable pair of Concrete Galoshes using cardboard boxes and Re-bar.  Photos and Videos shall soon follow.


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September 5th, it’s GO Time!  With Hurricane Katia bearing down on the US, Concrete Galoshes are a Must!

Crazy Cousin Lance and Cousin Steve are preparing for CGD big time!

With the near miss of Hurricane Irene on Palm Beach County, South Florida was once again spared the mess that hit the north east.  Notice how Irene suddenly turned north, the power of Concrete Galoshes Day has fought off yet another big storm.  Lets all work together throughout the US to keep all of these storms away yet another year.  CrazyCL, along with Cousin Steve mean business when it comes to Hurricanes.  Only 3 days left!

I would like to wish Raquel Welch and Rose McGowan a happy birthday ahead of the September 5th Holiday, and invite them to participate in Concrete Galoshes Day, to put on some Cement Shoes with us.  Crazy Horse,  Jesse James and Mother Teresa will not be able to make it, but will be with us in spirit.  Cousin Steve says BRING IT ON!


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Concrete Galoshes Day is 3 weeks away!

September 5th is not only Labor day, but Concrete Galoshes Day!.

Get your Cement Shoes Ready and try not to sleep with the fishes

get your concrete forms ready it’s CGD CrazyCousinLance is psyched

Version 3 of the website is approaching, thanks all for all SEO advice.  It is much appreciated.

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The 2nd edition of has been released.  I hope this version is much more professional looking.  Everything, including videos will be available.  I will strive to make everything will work properly and keep everyone entertained.  Crazycl shall insure that the September 5th holiday, Concrete Galoshes Day shall have proper coverage.


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CGD Movie Trailers are out! Start Making your Forms!

I have Posted 3 videos on you-tube, study them and start building your forms for September 5th Concrete Galoshes DayCrazy Cousin Lance is working on the next movies already.

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Countdown to Concrete Galoshes Day

Only 55 Days left until the September 5th Holiday of Concrete Galoshes Day is here.

Make your list, make your forms, make up your mind and grow a pair!  It is unbelievable that this Applespud character does not believe what is going on!  Cousin Steve won’t be bothered with answering such a douche.  If Mr. business would just open his or her eyes and see the concrete, all would be great.

I am sure this year will be the same as the last as Cousin Steve will have his pre-made forms ready and then will be sporting his 60 pound galoshes in the eve of September 5th

We shall also be celebrating a few birthdays also, Raquel Welch will be 72 and Rose McGowan will be 38.  Obviously they are both invited to the festivities.  Jesse James and Crazy Horse will not be attending.  We will be throwing tomahawks again this year and will attempt to get enough photos to please everyone.  The live broadcast is still up in the air, but is not altogether counted out.  As usual, Re-bar will be the norm for CCL on CGD


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