Concrete Galoshes Day

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In the above flash banner reads: “Concrete Galoshes Day”in the headline. The 3 Photos are of Concrete Galoshes 08, concrete galoshes 09 and Concrete Galoshes 2010, The 3 bullet heading read: “What to Do September 5th”, “”Making your own concrete galoshes forms and History of CGD.  There is no mention of or CrazyCousinLance or Crazy Cousin Lance.   Raquel Welch or Rose McGowan missing also


If you intend on waiting until the last minute to participate in Concrete Galoshes Day, It would be best to purchase pre-made forms from a number of places that may carry plastic storage containers.  File and storage boxes work quite well, just ask cousin Steve, he has used them the last couple of seasons with great results.  Otherwise, cardboard reinforced with packing tape and duct tape on the outside are CCL’s favorite still.  A plastic liner like a grocery store bag, helps to keep the cardboard dry.  In either case, shoes, socks and plastic bags over them has proven to be the way to go as shoes will still be wearable afterwards.  And remember Re-bar is optional.


In the first years we thought that we would drive to a store for beer with our galoshes on.  Not a good Idea, and another bad idea is getting on a boat or going near deep water... NOT wise.  OK?



Although there are many descriptions of Concrete Galoshes Day on various sites that CCL has, I shall give a brief one here, the main purpose of this September 5th holiday is to rid Palm Beach County of Hurricanes each year.  The power of this day is well known by the company it keeps, like the Birth of Jesse James and the death of Crazy Horse.  It is also the day the first legal forward pass was thrown.  The list goes on, but the power of this Ritual is un deniable.  The act of encasing one’s feet in concrete shows mother nature our metal and tells her “we're not going anywhere fast”  It seems that the successful completion of this act has some power over the forces of nature by turning away large storms from our general area.  We owe this day’s suffering to the county and the people in it.  So for the most part it is not fun and is quite uncomfortable to do, but upon completion there is a feeling of calm and much satisfaction.  The human mind is the most powerful thing on this planet and we intend to use it to it’s fullest.


As September 5th approaches, hurricane season begins to ramp-up in South Florida.  The chances of bad weather happening on Concrete Galoshes Day are 50/50.  Be prepared for the worst by having all of your rain gear at the ready.  Protect your dry concrete against premature hardening from rain fall by keeping it in plastic bags until it is time to mix.

Don’t let a mere storm beat you and allow hurricanes free reign in your area.  Remember, be prepared for the

worst., and never ever give up.  I know It will be hard, but you need the right mind set.  Like cousin Steve says “Bring it On!”

This is why he is a founding father  in the proud tradition of Concrete Galoshes Day.  Just Imagine what you would do if you could not move from a seat for over 7 hours, how would you prepare for this?

Problems like this shall be addressed on during our pre CGD discussions.  Be sure to ask any questions you wish.  BE THERE!












After a successful year at Concrete Galoshes Day, I have to use my Galoshes for something.  In the garden seems to be the favorite.  A Flower bed with CG’s is a favorite use.  Also a Ceremonial Circle of Galoshes for BBQ use, Rocks!
2009 CCL Cement Shoes

 Concrete Galoshes Day a September 5th Holiday do CGD on 3rd 5th Day to have CG’s for CCL

   Other Uses for your Concrete Galoshes

  The History of Concrete Galoshes Day

September 5th 2011

           Building Your Own Forms
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  Cement Shoes or Sleep with the Fishes

 Re-Bar and Cement Forms & CGD

Not a very good selection of choices, On September 5th, we choose cement shoes or more accurately, Concrete Shoes.  If it rains, we don’t go looking for our cement    Overcoat, instead, we grab our Cement Forms, some Re-Bar and have at it.  Concrete Galoshes are in style this  Concrete Galoshes Day, which by the way, shares this day

Although it is not necessary to put Re-Bar in your Cement Forms when Making your Cement Shoes, I believe it adds a bit more danger and allows me to make my concrete galoshes lighter and more strong.

CrazyCL is GREEN when making his CG’s, small, Strong and able to be used in the garden, they decorate and hold dirt for my garden.  For a good strong shoe, I recommend that a fast acting concrete is used and a minimum of 6 hours of setting time will do a good job, I prefer 8 hours, just to be sure.  If I get my feet in concrete by 5 PM, 1 AM is a good exit time.   My industrial, two ply cardboard will make ideal Concrete Forms, the boxes are layered in packing tape and lined with grocery bags












  this year with Labor Day.  It is ironic that Cousin Steve and I will be laboring over our new Cement Shoes while others will be relaxing and having their BBQ’s
Cement Shoes CCL