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Crazy Cousin Lance

Is mostly a home boy and spends most of his free time at home on his crazy projects, but this time is very limited these days as his new Ukrainian wife has many projects for him to do and wants to go to many places in this new country of hers.


Crazy Cousin Lance

Is crazy?  Maybe so.  He has pushed the envelope most of his life, and has done many questionable things.  At times his sanity is in question and he is only guided by the voices in his head.  He has done many stupid things in his life, but he is not necessarily stupid.  His craziness is only exceeded by his cousins, they are his guiding force (besides the voices in his head).  Crazy Cousin Lance likes to be healthy, and he generally eats healthy.  He has a new Ukrainian wife, he use to be single all of his life, but now that has ended.  Possibly, marriage has made him even more crazy.  His new wife is a very good cook and insists that he eats good and fresh and healthy food always.  Once in a while he will escape and visit his cousins and plan on some crazy things to do.

 CCL has started this site on the suggestion of his cousin Steve, he hopes to have a lot of fun and possibly make some money in the process.  CCL doesn’t want to cheat anyone, so he tries to have fair deals and will give information that he has learned freely to help his other cousins in need.  

You see, Crazy Cousin Lance thinks that we are all cousins deep down and we all need each others help at times, because we all live in a crazy crazy world, and we need someone with a crazy attitude to see past all of the sanity out there.  CCL is proud to bring all of this to you in the third person. A SEPTEMBER 5TH HOLIDAY

CCL spends most of his time after work on his web site, learning all he can to make it as efficient as he can.  His wife thinks it is a waste of time if it doesn’t make any money.  So CCL tries to sell stuff at crazy low prices to make it all worth while.

Accurate Metal Works Marine
Accurate Metal Works Marine Tanks

The above flash banner reads: Crazy Cousin Lance and Cousin Links as a headline.  The 3 bullet lines read: CRAZY?  Cousin Lance””, “Professional Business’s and Cousin Links.  The Photo is of Crazy Cousin Lance and Jeffy Talking.













Cousin Anna, besides being my wife, is a very talented crafter.  She makes hand made soap, Crochet and various other things that you can see on her site.  She doesn’t  speak English very well, but if you send her a photo, she will be able to make just about anything.

Accurate Metal works Marine, Marine Fuel Tank Fabrication-Hand Made Soap

Crazy Cousin Lance

 Marine Welding-Marine Towers-T-tops

 One of a Kind Hand Made Crochet

Accurate Metalworks Marine, does custom marine work on boats of all sizes.  They have a specialty in marine fuel tanks.  Besides being experts in all forms of marine fabrication and repair, Paint  and restoration, including Aluminum Hull Repair and Marine aluminum tank fabrication.  Marine welding is performed by experts with decades of experience.  Check out cousin Russ and cousin Ricks work at the links above.

Whether it be sweaters or slippers, or hats and shirts, Anna can crochet all, she make all 1 of a kind creations completely by hand.  Besides all natural hand made soap and custom wall hangings,  her crochet is second to none.  It just makes my head spin when I see the intricate detail that goes into each of her creations.












Marine Fabrication and Repair-Marine Aluminum Tank Fabrication

Cousin Russ and Cousin Rick have a shop that does excellent Marine Fabrication and Repair.  They custom build Fuel Tanks, Towers, T-tops, Hard Tops, Tow Eyes, Arches, Ladders and Platforms for individual needs.  They have been in business for over 30 years. They specialize in marine aluminum tank fabrication.  Aluminum Hull Repair, Paint and Restoration are a few of their specialties.  They can be contacted at ACCURATE METAL WORKS MARINE at 2225 IDLEWILD RD, PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, 334102506, US  (561) 622-1200

  1 of a kind- Hand made Hats-Hand Made Soap-Hand Made Dolls


    How to Make Healthy Dog Food

In the photo above is my dog Jeffy, my wife feeds him as well as she feeds me.  After Mommies healthy homemade dog food, dog food is just not acceptable.  This guy down here is John Miller, he knows exactly what to feed his dog,
he is an authority on feeding your and my dog’s, natural and healthy dog food.  If you are interested in feeding your dog the most natural and healthy diet possible, check out what John Miller has to say and give him a click..  My wife feeds our little dog well,
I am sure that John Miller can teach her a thing or two, being an expert and all, but when it comes to making a sweater for our dog, she beats him hands down.   Speaking of making stuff, Anna makes hand made soap in batches, so you can get enough for the whole family and relatives, her hand made one of a kind dolls are rather famous in Ukraine.  Her hand made hats are also crochet, and we receive comments regularly about them.